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Journey Towards Success had Already Begun

We are running a network of successful businesses since years and feel proud to deliver exceptional quality of services.

Goldario , digital share

Our History

Goldario GLD Token is a consequence of already successful businesses with established infrastructure in Brazil.To expand the operations across the globe we have devised a concrete plan and an ambitious roadmap set, which we hope to achieve with the collaboration of global investors. A summarized introduction of base businesses is as follows.

G44 SA

Goldario’s idea is inspired by the vision of G44 SA (CNPJ:28.839.840/0001-61) who brings all elements of the jewellery eco-cycle at one integrated place. G44 SA is managing and investing in the mining of precious metals (Gold), precious stones (emeralds), jewellery manufacturing and jewellery retail business with technology, innovation, safety, commitment and quality.

G44 SA as a holding company manages all the businesses involved to produce beneficial results for its partners, investors and stakeholders.

G44 SA is committed to conducting its business by adhering to the following Principles and Values at all times:

Integrity constantly strive to uphold the highest professional standards
Lead by Example at all levels acting with skill, competence and objectivity.
Trusted Business Partners manufacturing production and Consultancy Compa Challenging assumptions, pursuing facts and strengthening G44 reputation as a trusted and objective business partner; we earn our partners’ trust by acting in their best interests.
Respect Colleagues, partners, and prospects for their knowledge, skills and experience as individuals and team members.
Teamwork bringing out the best in each other and creating strong and successful working relationships. We put the common goals of the firm first and avoid the silo mentality by trusting, respecting and working with each other.
Honesty sharing information, insight and advice frequently and constructively and managing tough situations with courage and candor.
Vigilance being alert, watchful and stewards of G44, promoting an environment that nurtures and maintains high ethical standards.
Strive for Excellence delivering what G44 promise to deliver and adding value beyond what is expected through innovation, training and agility.

1 - G44 Mining

G44mineracao.com (CNPJ:31.975.883/0001-89) holds the biggest emerald mines in Latin America with having stock of (in hands) emerald’s stones 5 Million carat. In the process of cutting & polishing. Official Geologist assessment report. See Report ( This assessment report is not even 5% of the total area of G44 Emeralds Mines.) 400+ miners are working on it. (approximately 18 months of mining time 18months) Mining is one of the basic sectors in Brazil's economy, which has placed the country on the list of the largest gold producers in the world.

According to the National Mining Agency,406 tons of metal have been mined in the last five years, which means an average production of 81.2 tons per year. This equates to about grams of gold per inhabitant of the country.

With an eye on this growth potential, G44 Brazil invested in a Gold mine in the District of Lourenço, in the municipality of Calçoene (AP). With a total area of 32,000 hectares, the company wants to combine the use of technology to ore and, together with the company HJOMAA E G44 Mineração (CNPJ:30.033.381/0001-76,) maximize the production capacity of the region. The area has a permanent and irrevocable concession for exploration of the area by the National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM) and has the processing capacity of 640 tons/day of the plant material. Our proposal is to evolve further. The precious metals market is increasingly on the rise and so we have the goal set: increase the region's capacity to six processing plants.

2 - Cutting and Polishing Center

Currently 45 semi automatic machines are being used by highly professional which is trained by Professional Trainers. On a new cutting and polishing center being installed with 200 machines and 400 professionals capacity.

3 - Jewellery Factory

One of biggest jewellery factories in Latin America with High tech machinery of Jewellery manufacturing imported from German and Japan with the capacity of 10KG Gold/Silver/Jewellery per day manufacturing.

Installation in process. (More than 4000 square Meter covered area building already 98% Completed and which is projected for jewellery manufacturing and production) Consultancy Company: COLEN INDUSTRIA (CNPJ:38.616.868/0001-93)

4 - Vert Vivant

Vertvivant.com Vert Vivant (CNPJ:34.461.941/0001-44) launched online jewellery store, Vert Vivant.. The company produces and sells high-end jewellery at retail and through direct sales. Soon our stores are being constructed in two of the largest malls of brazil. 1. ParkShopping Brasília - DF, 71219-900 approximately completion time till end of march 2020 and 2. Vila Olímpia São Paulo - Brazil. Approximately completion time till the end of april 2020. Jewellery for these shops already manufactured. Each shop have approximately 5 million dollars in stock.

The project is already underway to build a 318 shops worldwide till 2023.

5 - Inoex Exchange

Inoex.Exchange (CNPJ: 31.548.911/0001-81) created in 2018 with own technical team of blockchain experts with bitcoin blockchain node. In 2019 we integrated with award winning Metatrader 5 Trading platform. We offer wide possibilities, such as: technical analysis, chart trading, robots and much more for crypto major assets trading. From 2018 to till now we are premium sponsor of bitconf .crypto events.


Goldario GLD Token has its established infrastructure already in Brazil with the name of G44 SA ( (CNPJ:28.839.840/0001-61)), and whereby it owns Emerald Mines (G44 Mineração (CNPJ:31.975.883/0001-89), Gemstones Cutting and Polishing Factory, Jewellery Manufacturing Factory, Jewellery Retail Business VERT VIVANT (CNPJ:34.461.941/0001-44) and HJOMAA E G44 Mineração (CNPJ30.033.381/0001-76) shares in a gold mine with a lot of reserves. Inoex.Exchnage (Crypto Trading/Crypto Exchange) (CNPJ:31.548.911/0001-81), To develop the required infrastructure and to expand our operations across the globe, we have devised a concrete plan and an ambitious roadmap set, which is given below.

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021


Explore Journey of Goldario:

The business was planned and proposed in 2015 and the story began to be told since 2017 when built the team that conceived INOEX, a cryptocurrency exchange. Shortly thereafter, the opportunity emerges to expand the company's business in a new area: MINING. An emerald mine in Campos Verdes, Goiás, and a shareholding in a gold mine in the north of the country, in the Lourenço district, in Calçoene.


G44 Brasil S.A. arrives in the city of emeralds with determination and audacious goals.

INOEX – Inoex.Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform launched in 2017 and running successfully with a vast number of transactions every day in exchange of cryptocurrencies and trading into MetaTrader5 Platform with wide possibilities, such as technical analysis, chart trading and robots etc.


GOLD – Gold mining is carried out with the company HJomaa e G44Mineração, in Lourenço, in the district of Cidade Calçoene in Amapá, where the gold mined together with the extracted emerald stones are transformed into jewellery sold by the group.

Holding the biggest emerald mines in Latin America with having stock of emerald’s stones and already minded 5 Million Carat and in the process of cutting and polishing already 400+ miners are working on it.

Official Geologist assessment report. See Report

This assessment report is not even 5% of the total area of G44 Emeralds Mines.


Vert Vivant. – In 2019, we have launched our jewellery store, Vert Vivant. The company produces and sells high-end jewellery at retail and through direct sales. Soon our stores will be opened in two of the largest malls in the country. The project is already underway.


Goldario – Now in 2020, we have brought our ICO platform, which is truly backed by ECO Cycle of Precious Stones (Real Emeralds and Gold Mines), Precious Metals, Jewellery and Manufacturing and Retail business network of G44 SA.


  • White Paper V1.0 release
  • Website release
  • Marketing Kickoff
  • Advisor board establishment
  • Private Round Token Sale


  • Participation in blockshows and blockchain conferences
  • Public Round Token Sale





G44 Mining the biggest emerald mines
Cutting and Polishing Center
Jewellery Factory manufacturing production and Consultancy Company
Vert Vivant an online jewellery store
Inoex Exchange Cryptocurrency Exchange
Liquidity and Accessibility
Lower Investment Limits
Trusted and Regulated
Data transparency
Passive Income

Lowest investment limits & massive income amount