Goldario Bounty Representative Program

Goldario’s Bounty representative program is an optional incentive offered to participants for completing the assigned processing block using their referrals. The participants are restricted to a single block, and available for investors, ICO promoters and influencers.

introducing The First

bounty representative program ever in

launching history which will reward you with exceptional earning

Earn $500+++

Bounty Reward $500+++


As Goldario is in the pre-ICO stage, this Bounty Representative Program is marketed to prospective investors, social media influencers, blog writers/publishers and network marketers.

Eligibility Criteria

Any Goldario member can participate in this Bounty representative program.

Once participated, a member will be allocated a processing block that consists of 7 entries including 1 for the participant.

Each processing block entry is worth $250, you will need to refer 6 people as they will buy $250 Quick Block for completion of your bounty account.

Every Bounty account should have 6 referrals with a package purchase of $250 in Quick Block.

As the processing block is completed by referring 6 clients under your bounty account, Bounty Reward of $500 ($250 withdrawal and $125 + $125 blocks auto re-buy) will be given to the participant.

The participants can cash the Bounty Reward after the completion of their block

Each participant can be part of the Bounty representative Program exclusively at once.

All participants shall also receive the referral commission as normal earnings on their direct entries for this program.

Investors, Influencers, Promoters


It is fruitful for all investors, networkers, ICO promoters, Blog writers/publishers, youtubers and social influencers.

Bounty Representative Program suits you if you get the buzz going and to give the Goldario project an improved presence on social media platforms. It is all about creating awareness for the Goldario ICO and to get the word-of-mouth going. The main aim of our Bounty Representative Program is that as participants go about carrying out the Goldario, the people in their block begin to know more about the Goldario.


  • All participants must share Goldario post in their social media channels.
  • You are required to refer 6 people with purchase of $250 Quick Block under your bounty account for completion of your block and to earn bonus.
  • A participant will have a 10% instant direct referral commission for direct entries in the processing block of this Bounty Representative Program.
  • For the incomplete processing block of the Bounty Representative Program, a participant will not be eligible for Bounty Reward $500 ($250 Withdrawal and $125 + $125) auto re-buy, however, a participant can cash 10% instant direct referral commission any time, if there is any.
  • A participant will continue to receive 1% influencer commission from all processing blocks that include his in-direct referral team including the processing block of Bounty Representative Program. In order to have commission 1% as an influencer need at least 1 referral a day. (Ex. if reffer 10 People, will get next 10days 1% of in-direct referrals earnings)
  • If a participant fails to induct any single entry in the processing block in 60 days, the processing block will be closed,
  • Goldario reserves the right to amend, postpone or cancel this Bounty Representative Program at its sole discretion.)
  • In this offer all direct and indirect referred entries will only fall under your Bounty Block (but all blocks out of bounty have 1 entry under their own block and 1 under oldest blocks)